How to Unlock Huawei E5330 ( E5330bs/As-2) United Kingdom Three Operator 3G Wifi Router

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Hello everyone we recently posted how to unlock B525 router from yes optus Australia

now we continue  to post how to unlock some hard device called E5330 huawei from three network UK

this device comes with different type lock “0” unlock attempts left which means u cannot enter unlock with unlock code this type device with firmware versions to latest xxx. 16.01.1217 , even if u try to update firmware its gives u error 16,13,19  but no worry here we provide u unlock solution with easy steps




so how to unlock this Huawei E5330 ( E5330bs/As-2) 3g router ?


whats the requirements ?

First U need to install drivers, Here download 

u need to download Supported Software to Unlock ( this we provide u only users who ready to pay 10 USD )

to their email id


thats all here now start steps to unlock


Just Connect device as usually normally by usb to PC, and run the given Unlock Reset software it will

reset your lock to 0 to 10 attempts left ! now u can follow given step to unlock your router easily






Step By Step Free Instructions to Unlock Your Huawei E5330 ( E5330bs/As-2) United Kingdom Three Operator Wifi Router And How to Use All Other Sim card ? :-


Step 1. Make Sure Huawei E5330 ( E5330bs/As-2) United Kingdom Three Operator battery Charged At least 25  %  , And Remove Default Sim card and Put Another Network Operator  Sim card

( Example  ” If U bought device from VIVA Operator , remove it and insert ZAIN SIM )

Step 2. Turn On Your Huawei E5330 ( E5330bs/As-2) United Kingdom Three Operator  Wifi Router, Now Its says  “Invalid SIM ” (or ) Any Other Sim Rejection Message – Do not Worry – Continue Another Step

Step 3. Now Establish Your Huawei E5330 ( E5330bs/As-2) United Kingdom Three Operator  Wifi Router To Your Any PC/laptop/Iphone/Ipod /Smartphone

Step 4. Make sure Your Huawei E5330 ( E5330bs/As-2) United Kingdom Three Operator  Wifi Router Connected to Pc/Laptop/iPhone/iPod/SmartPhone

Step 5.  Now Open Browser and Enter Your Router Login Page IP address (Or) ( Or )

( u can check default Ip on router back side sticker 192.168.x.x)

Step 6. Now Login your Huawei E5330 ( E5330bs/As-2) United Kingdom Three Operator  Wifi Router

( Login Id : admin  ,  Password  : admin )

Step 7. Now device Automatically Redirect to Enter Unlock code page , Enter Unlock code , Click Apply .

( OR )

(i) Select Settings – Dial up – Unlock device- Enter Unlock code .


(ii)  Go to Advanced Settings – SIM Settings – Unlock Device – Enter – Click on Apply.


In settings menu or lan Menu U can Find Unlock Sim Option and Enter Unlock code

Step 8. Now your Huawei E5330 ( E5330bs/As-2) United Kingdom Three Operator Unlocked Successfully And Ready to Use ALL Sim Worldwide 5G,4G,3G,2G Permanently !


Note : Here we mentioned how to pay and get the unlocking software with unlock code, this tool charges Apply 10 USD, u can unlock only One device for 10 USD, if u have more device u can contact us for better price,


payment Mode paypal /debit card /credit card through paypal secure gateway


Payment Link here


Move the link and enter 10 USD , pay it after paid 


write email or whatsspp by given format

[email protected] / whatsapp +91 8695459892



name :  john

model : E5330bs Uk – 0 attempt left

paid transaction id : xxxyyyzzz



how long takes to get replay with software, code


10 min to 24 hrs maximum


Refund Policy :-


No worry its 200 % works fine, if not work we refund u without asking any questions






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  1. Hi To all thanks for unblocking my E5330Bs-2 it is all worth the money thanks Dinezh job well done

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