@@ Guide to unlock E5573cs-609 Airtel ( 2019 model new ) firmware version 21.329.63.00.284 Free tips instructions tricks :-

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Hello Everyone ! Recently Indian airtel operator launched airtel wifi modem model huawei E5573 with higher firmware version 21.329.63.00.284 , this version device locked with special program inside so we cannot use another sim by default! no worry we provide here solution for u after unlock u can use all sim card in this same E5573 wifi router ,


Very easy unlocking process !

  • no need to open screws
  • no need to boot shot
  • no need to spend much time
  • no need to send device us
  • within 10 min u can unlock with your end

Just direct flash to unlock !  after unlock u can use all sim service 4g 3g 2g worldwide !



Lets start unlock !


Make sure battery have charged at least 10 %

first make sure drivers installed in your pc If not  installed u can download here drivers 


step by step instructions to unlock Airtel huawei E5573cs-609

( 21.329.63.00.284) and use Jio airtel idea vodafone bsnl :-



  1. remove battery from your airtel E5573cs-609 wifi router insert another network sim ( example Jio ) and insert battery make sure device if off
  2. now u can use reset button in near battery side airtel E5573cs-609 wifi router ( small reset button )
  3. hold reset button +power button ( at the same time ) for 10 seconds
  4. remove hand from your airtel E5573cs-609 wifi router now lights will start blinking
  5. Now Plug your airtel E5573cs-609 wifi router to pc via USB cable
  6. go to device manager > Click ports make sure 2 ports enabled like this image
  7. Now Open the Unlocking Software and Run it  , it will ask  u registration name, key enter the details click register then u can see device will start unlock !

    8. Restart device and start use Jio and other sim too ! all done ! completed !


Note :  U need to pay for Unlocking fee after paid we send your email software link then u need to copy hardware id like image in step 7 and send it us the ID we send u registration name and key and u can paste there and unlock it ! 


for quick unlock submit the “unlock in 10 min contact form ” top right side


also u can contact us via


[email protected]

whatspp +91 8695459892







for bulk orders accepted we do best price and if u have shop we do solution unliited unlock Best price contact us


Payment mode accepted  Paypal ,paytm,UPI ,online banking transfer,googlepay/credit/debit card/payumoney





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20 thoughts to “@@ Guide to unlock E5573cs-609 Airtel ( 2019 model new ) firmware version 21.329.63.00.284 Free tips instructions tricks :-”

        1. my ye my router name airtele553cs-609
          version 21.333.61.01.284
          can you unlock that reply fast

          And if you unlock my device the i will pay you with live with you ro please

    1. yes but whatspp me +91 8695459892 once iam trust u i will unlock first and u can pay after unlock with trust

      thank u

  1. HI Below are my airtel router details. (E5573Cs-609)

    Software version: 21.333.64.01.284
    Web UI version:

  2. Today Dinesh helped me to unlock my Huawei E5573CS-609 device with the firmware 21.333.64.01.284.
    He is very genuine and very reasonable charge for the device unlocking.
    I tested the device using Vodafone and Jio 4G SIM.

    A genuine person !!
    [email protected]

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