Guide to Huawei E5330 Unlock Solution for 0 Unlock Attempts left Tips tricks :-

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E5330 Uk three Huawei hotspot 


Unlocking Attempts 0 to 10 attempts reset


hello everyone !  Uk three huawei E5330As/Bs 2 router now days released with unlock attempts 0 – so users cannot unlock the router with dc unlocker or mkey or other flashers too


but good news is here we unlocked successfuly and posted how to unlock the E5330 ( E5330As/bs-2 ) Router and use All other sim worldwide



U can read the Guide to Unlock E5330 Uk ( 0 attempts unlock left with Genric webui firmware ) and Unlock it !





for permanent unlock u can use this steps its easy to do in 10 min after unlock u can use any sim service worldwide 4g 3g 2g permanently No band limits no network speed limit , all are unlimited !


install link

Install drivers, registry too, restart PC





Instructions to Unlock E5330bs-2 Uk Three Huawei Wifi hotspot

Step 1. Insert SIM insert battery

step2. insert micro usb cable to pc ( do not plug to pc )

step 3. make sure device off,

step hold reset button + power button for 10 sec

it will show u installing in display

step connect usb to pc and go to device manager and make sure device shows u 2 ports like this image




if shows u can continue to next step 6, if not shows this two ports

restat pc , and follow from step 1

Step 6. Now run the Software ( unlocking software E5330 )

it will shows u hardwre id just copy and paste this email replay we send u Key




Step 7. after inserted Key device just register it and re run the software

thats all it will load software to unlock automatically

restart device and start using all sim worldwide




once everything completed device star working

like this




Unlock Software download and extract to one new folder ( after paid we send u software )



Note : 

Use right Activation Key to Unlock -do not use bad keys it will not work 

for right Activation Key u have to pay 7.7 USD to this paypal button and send your hardware id with paid transaction ID to email [email protected] or  [email protected] / or send “Unlock in 10 min contact form in top right side “


also u can whatspp +91 8695459892 for support /bulk unlock


after paid we contact u shortly and support u


thank u









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  1. I have a problem whit my E5330As/Bs-2
    I try online generatros and dint work i have one chance more how to reset or unlock my davice please help

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