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😃 Recently Huawei Released E5577 Zain Kuwait type router with Zain Operator data packs and offers, but users cannot use any other sim in the device ,here we posted how to jailbreak your Kuwait Zain  and start use any sim cards,

About E5577 Zain Kuwait Router ;-

This router nowadays many users using , but less features inside, after jailbreak this router users can enjoy many benefits inside 👇🏻

* Any sim u can start using ! 😍

* Roaming free , no need to pay roaming fee!!

* travel with E5577 Zain Kuwait to any others country without operator additional fees

* many 4g band speeds u can start using 😊

* no more internet speed slow !😉

😃 Easy Step By step Instructions to Jailbreak Unlock E5577 Zain Kuwait Router Software version 21.329.63.00.1367 👇🏻

install ( driver )

Download Mediafire Link

and restart pc

download and extract to one new folder

( password )


Download Mediafire Link software 

Step 1. Insert SIM insert battery


step2. insert micro usb cable to pc ( do not plug to pc )


step 3. make sure device off,


step 4. now hold reset button + power button for 10 sec

it will show u installing in display


step 5.now connect usb to pc and go to device manager and make sure device shows u 2 ports like this image

if shows u can continue to next step 6, if not shows this two ports

restart pc , and follow from step 1

Step 6. Now run the Software ( Downloaded unlocking software E5577 zain  )

Step 7. Enter Valid Key and Registration Name then re run the software

that’s all it will load software to unlock automatically

restart device and start using all sim worldwide

Completed ! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Note :


Do not Enter Wrong Registration Details it will not work , 4 USD Charges Apply per device , Please fill given form with details and u can buy with PayPal / credit / debit card, After Paid u will get email and WhatsApp shortly , Delivery time 10 min to max 24 hrs .





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