How to Unlock Huawei B310s-22,B310s-927,B310As-852,B310s-518,Routers

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 Huawei B310s-22 Router B310s-22,B310s-927,B310As-852,B310s-518, ” Unlock Within 10 Min “


 Huawei Launched B310s-22 Type Routers with Many features ,Which means users can enjoy 150Mbps downloading speed and uploading speed 50Mbps ,and users can use this Up to 32 wireless users could be connected simultaneously with Frequency TDD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41, FDD B3/B7/B8 , But the major problem is we cannot use another sim card, which means this device is Network locked . so here we provide steps by steps and easy method to unlock Your  Huawei B310s Router  and use any sim card worldwide.


What is Required to unlock ?

15 Digit IMEI only u can find device back side sticker image unique your imei


How to Process ? Its worth to unlock ? Huawei B310s Router

Yes ,

  • Unlimited speed / Unlimited Access /  unlimited hotspot
  • No network Limits /Fully can use device features
  • No need to Open device screws / no need boot shot
  • no need to send device to us
  • no need to use free / crack tools / no tension / no knowledge is required
  • no need to damage warranty
  • use Genuine unlock code and follow the very simple steps given bellow
  • U can carry device to aboard / any other country with no roaming fee
  • can use rental/local sim when u ready to travel
  • can swift high data charging network to normal charging network


How long takes to Get Unlock code Huawei B310s Router  ?

10 min to 24 hrs max


Iam not technical person still i can easily unlock this ? can u provide service help ?


yes sure  , u can contact via live chat / or WhatsApp / easy to unlock

For Quick Help Please click here to contact WhatsApp Link Directly 

Or send ” unlock in 10 min contact form ” top right side



How to Genuine Unlock and Use Any sim from Your

Huawei B310 Router :-

Step 1 . Turn on Your Router  with any Other Sim card , ( should not use same operator sim card – example if u bought this device from vodafone then shoud use different operator )


Step 2. Establish Your Wi-fi to  windows | mac Pc/laptop    [or]  Android /IOS Phone Anyone Device as Your wish


Step 3. Now Make sure Your Huawei B310 Is connected wifi with  windows/mac/ smartphone as mentioned previously . ( your wifi password in device back side default password )


Step 4. Now open Browser chrome or any others and login and use as

username : admin password : admin to login





Step 5. now u can see the given bellow window like Unlock Code dashboard box prompted



Step 6. Now enter the Genuine Unlock code and Click Apply. Done wait few moments

Now it will reset itself and starts working New sim .


Completed now successfully unlocked Huawei B310s Router. done !



Note : – Do not Use any Wrong Unlock Codes, It will Not work and device will lock permanently , Use Only Original Genuine  code, U can Purchase Here Genuine Unlock code  with secure PayPal payment gateway .After paid u will get unlock code within 10 min to 24 hrs max






For Quick Help Please click here to contact WhatsApp Link Directly 

Or send ” unlock in 10 min contact form ” top right side






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