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Kuwait /Saudi arabia / Bharain/  VIVA Network Operator Routers Unlocking Tips and Tricks  to use all Sim :-


Easy Unlocking Guide With Instructions for Your Kuwait operator huawei routers / Mifi Lets Jailbreak from Network Operators and use freedom with All other Sim worldwide

this instructions Supported Models given Bellow with firmware versions

How to check firmware verson in your Huawei Routers /Mifi we already posted here u can check here the simply process

Huawei E5785Lh-22c From Viva Operator Kuwait Firmware

Huawei E5577S-932 viva Kuwait Firmware 21.329.63.00.1367

Viva Operator Kuwait Huawei E5577Cs-321 supported versions given bellow

(( Firmware 21.329.63.00.397 # Firmware # Firmware 21.328.62.01.397 ))

Huawei E5787s-33a Viva Kuwait Firmware 21.312.11.01.397

Viva Bahrain Huawei E5577 (Firmware

Viva Bahrain Huawei E5573cs-322 (Firmware 21.329.62.00.632

Vivacom Bulgaria Huawei E5573S-320 (Firmware 21.316.03.01.738

Viva Bahrain Huawei E5785Lh-92a (Firmware




Simple process to unlock We provide here Easy Guide to to Jailbreak unlock your Viva device:-



How to Jailbreak Unlock Viva 4G Wifi Router – Step By Step Instructions Free

1.Make sure your Viva Wifi Router device charged 30 % atleast (or) connected to Pc via USB cable

Remove your default SIM and insert another network SIM. (Examples: if u using default SIM is Vodafone Remove it,Change Other operator Sim Card )

2. Turn on Viva device now device says “invalid sim ” Or any SIM rejected Message

Dont worry just plug Viva device and Connect device to Pc via USB Cable ( Or ) Eastablish the Wifi to Your Computer

3. Make Sure Viva device connected to computer via usb cable (or) wifi and Now just open browser enter Viva Device Login Ip address

(OR ) ( OR) (OR) (OR) check default Viva device IP address on device back side sticker

4. After Entering IP Login With Username : admin , Password : admin now device will automatically redirect to enter unlock page

If not Redirect to unlock page

Go to Settings > Diap Up – Unlock SIM – Enter 8 digit Unlock code


Go to Advanced Settings – SIM Settings – Unlock Device – Enter Unlock code – Click on Apply !

5. Now your Viva device will shows network signals and starts working !!!

” NOTE IF DEVICE SAYS 0 ATTEMPTS LEFT  please follow ” Note * “;-

6. Enjoy now your Viva device unlocked Successfully ! and ready to use any networks worldwide



Note : –  Please do not Enter Any wrong Code in your device if u entered wrong codes then device will be lock permanently , U can purchase here the Right unlock code by PayPal Buy Now Button the cost only 7 USD ,For Quick unlock u can contact us “unlock in 10 min ” contact form in the top of the page right side !

u can pay with buy now button and submit the contact form for Quick unlock / also u can live chat window for fast support




” Note * ” :- if your device is facing 0 unlock attempts left problem or unable to enter unlock code or unlock code enter option disabled ! no worry just contact use ” unlock in 10 min contact form in the top of page ” or contact via live chat support






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  1. Hi how to unlock my viva

    Model Huawei Viva 5577cs-321
    Pls unlock (simlock)
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