@ Jailbreak Unlock Airtel E5573cs-609 21.333.64.01.284 Latest firmware Unlock tips tricks unlock solutions Guide to Unlock :-

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Airtel E5573cs-609 tips tricks to unlock :- 


Recently we unlocked airtel latest version 21.333.64.01.284 and here we going to post how to unlock your airtel locked customized firmware with easy instructions ,

 nowdays airtel upgraded to airtel E5573Cs-609 with customized firmware version from 21.329 to 21.333 this firmware locked with new security now possible to unlock and use all other sim worldwide 4g 3g 2g


Airtel 4G Hotspot
Can connect up to 10 devices
Can connect up to 10 devices
Lets you create your own Wi-Fi network anywhere and connect up to 10 devices.

Comes with a powerful battery
Stay connected for up to 6 hours with a powerful battery back-up.

Comes with a powerful battery
Gets you 4G speeds on non-4G devices
Gets you 4G speeds on non-4G devices
Enjoy 4G speeds on all Wi-Fi enabled devices even if they are non-4G. Supports all Wi-Fi enabled devices such smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and more.

Technical details 

DIMENSIONS (W × D × H) 96.8 mm × 58.0 mm × 12.8 mm
POWER SUPPLY AC 100–240 V; DC: 5 V, 1 A
SUPPORTS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (does not support Windows RT), MAC OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11 with latest upgrades
NETWORK Built-in LTE/UMTS/GSM and WLAN high gain antenna
NO. OF DEVICES SUPPORTED Recommended 10 (Wi-Fi) + 1 (USB tethering)
WEIGHT 75gms

Source thanks https://www.airtel.in/


Step By Step Free Instructions to Unlock Your E5573cs-609 Airtel

Firmware version 21.333.64.01.284

Wifi Router And How to Use All Other Sim card ? :-



Step 1. Make Sure E5573cs-609 Airtel version 21.333.64.01.284 battery Charged At least 25  %  , And Remove Default Sim card and Put Another Network Operator  Sim card ( non airtel sim )

Step 2. Turn On Your E5573cs-609 Airtel version 21.333.64.01.284  Wifi Router, Now Its says  “Invalid SIM ” (or ) Any Other Sim Rejection Message – Do not Worry – Continue Another Step


Step 3. Now Establish Your E5573cs-609 Airtel version 21.333.64.01.284  Wifi Router To Your Any PC/laptop/Iphone/Ipod /Smartphone

Step 4. Make sure Your E5573cs-609 Airtel version 21.333.64.01.284  Wifi Router Connected to Pc/Laptop/iPhone/iPod/SmartPhone

Step 5.  Now Open Browser and Enter Your Router Login Page IP address (Or) ( Or )

( u can check default Ip on router back side sticker 192.168.x.x)

Step 6. Now Login your E5573cs-609 Airtel version 21.333.64.01.284  Wifi Router

( Login Id : admin  ,  Password  : admin )

Step 7. Now device Automatically Redirect to Invalid SIM like this message



Now listen please we have to upgrade here airtel firmware with some trick this is paid service  read note we given bellow , 




Step 8. Once u Upgraded then u can countine again 1 to  6 steps then  go to

 Settings – Dial up – Unlock device- Enter Unlock code  click apply , done !

Step 9 : Boom !! now device is unlocked successfully then u can use all sim worldwide !



NOTE : DO Not Enter WRONG UNLOCK CODE on Your E5573cs-609 Airtel version 21.333.64.01.284 , Then Your router Will be Locked Permanently , Use Only genuine Unlock code and Unlock your Router , For Right Code charges will Apply , after paid u will get !  U can contact via ” unlock in 10 Minitus contact form ” right side top corner form in this same webpage.

( OR) whatspp me +91 8695459892 / [email protected] , Bulk orders are available ! 


Faq;- how to send whatspp msg ;- 

send your messgae with  name , Email id , IMEI , firmware version kindly send ! also u can contact for quick unlock support live chat / ” unlocking in 10 min contact form ” 








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  1. Brilliant. Thanks for ur help. I jst had t sit and look back. My Airtel 4g is now unlocked.

    1. Boom!!!!! It worked and helped me as it described.
      Kudos, it was in 10 mins my 4g hotspot unlocked with very helpful support. Want to give much more than 10/10… Keep good work doing…all the best.

    1. A wonderful experience I had today while chatting with an professionally experienced person by unlocking my huawei device within a limited time that we cannot believe. I was so thankful to him by his politeness and attitude towards the full unlocking process.

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    Dinesh is genuine and you can trust.

    He unlocked my device successfully with in few minutes that too remotely.


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  5. I was afraid of being cheated as all other online frauds as he asked money in advance.

    Now I am glad to say that he is not a fraud and I got my router unlocked. However price (good for one unlock) .

    Thanks brother

  6. After scouring the internet & going through numerous videos & articles I could not find a single working solution to unlock my Airtel 4G Hotspot which has having the latest Firmware: 21.333.64.01.284.
    Came across this site & tried to give it a shot. I was skeptical initially whether this would work or not but was willing to take the risk as the device was lying idle with me & I wanted to use JIO SIM for my WFH purpose.
    To my surprise this guy Dinesh is a genius. He was extremely helpful, the process he explained was very easy & his support commitment is commendable.
    Thanks a ton to him to get my device unlocked & I am using it now like a breeze. Would definitely refer to my friends.

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    Dinesh assisted with patience till end to have my device fixed for good and answered all queries.

  10. My first time using this site service and my experience here is 10/10( would give 100 out of 10 tbh, coming from a guy who purchase alot from key s sellers to games seller s), so my airtel hotspot was just lying in corner doing nothing as the net quality of airtel in my area got bad so i stopped paying for its net , and wanted to put this hotspot to good use so i was looking for a way to unlock my device to use diff operator s sim( all the bootshot video s to unlock this device that r available on youtube won t work on this firmware) so there r so many sites claiming they can unlock it for u but keeping in mind half of them r just scammer s, so i gone with my instinct to give it a try from this site and so happy to say i was right on my decision , the seller ( dinesh bhai) was very supportive and helped me wherever i got stuck and first day i got problem with my payment (due to otp issues) and even after that he was there to support me ( we did unlock next day after my problem got solved) and the unlock is done within min s after every problem solved. So the conclusion is if u looking to unlock ur airtel 4g hotspot too and confused to who to trust then look no further this is the site that won me over and will do same for u.. just give it a try.

  11. Found modem : E5573Cs-609
    Model : Huawei AuthVer 4 modem (New)
    IMEI : 861350039153033
    Serial NR. : 5LL7S17C26005450
    Firmware : 21.329.63.00.284
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

  12. Had my Airtel hotspot unlocked.the service was responsive and I am fully satisfied by the job Done.No i am able to use any sim with my dongle.

    1. Good service. Got my Airtel dongle unlocked in no time. Dinesh was very supportive and have good technical knowledge in unlocking the dongle, he made sure that all the queries was answered. Thankyou

  13. Just unlocked my device. The service is not free. I was charged certain amount but the work was done. Therefore satisfied with the support. They guide you through the process on whatsapp. Doesnt take much time. The airtel hotspot is now working with any sim. You can trust them.

  14. Unlocked my Airtel 4G Dongle in a matter of minutes by Dinesh sir. Wonderful and Amazingly fast unlocking done by him and I am writing this message from the Jio Connection of the Dongle 🙂 Thank you so much sir for this wonderful service.

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  16. very genuine person, unlocked my e5573cs-609 version 21.333….
    i was worried earlier to get cheated, but believe me he is the real man, just unlocked within 10 minutes, very good person and helpful, hats off to you dinesh sir. 👍🙏

  17. Dear All,
    I have Huawei Airtel 4G hotspot device which was bought on Jan 2020 and struggled with Airtel plans. Tried to unlock the device in local shops. However, no luck. Even , I m IT Hardware professional. Post , Visiting the site and followed the instruction given by the technician & device got unlocked to use all the SIM cards. This site is 100% genuine. Even, I have received remote support from the technician (Team viewer). its awesome experience.
    Worth for the money.! 🙂

  18. Boom!!!!! It worked and helped me as it described.
    Kudos, it was in 10 mins my 4g hotspot unlocked with very helpful support. Want to give much more than 10/10… Keep good work doing…all the best. Highly recommended…

  19. Boom!!!!! It worked and helped me as it described.
    Kudos, it was in 10 mins my 4g hotspot unlocked with very helpful support. Want to give much more than 10/10… Keep good work doing…all the best. Highly recommended…

  20. Wow! He just unlocked my Hotspot in less than 5 minutes. I highly recommend him for your work. Great work.

  21. This is a genuine unlocking team , unlocked my Airtel 4G Hotspot in 10 min. Trusted person MR. Dinesh

  22. The service is genuine and my Airtel Hotspot Huawei E5573CS-609 (FW 21.333.64.01.284) was remotely unlocked and flashed in 5 minutes using Team Viewer. Previously I tried as he suggested but could not be succeeded due to some mistake. Now my modem supports Jio and Vodafone as well. Thanks. Recommended,

    1. Thanks dinesh bro for unlocking my airtel E557-609 hotspot. Dinesh is very dedicated and reply very quickly and doesn’t irritate, no matter how many times you ask him, he will reply every time and everything. He unlocked my device using teamviewer.

  23. After Unlocking I had an issue with USB which stopped working. They had rectified USB issue now its working fine via USB and WiFi with any SIM. Thanks a lot. Highly Recommended.

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  27. The work by Mr.Dineshbabu is excellent, my need was fulfilled. We can rely on him. Its true. As I couldn’t do the work he did for me using TeamViewer. Simply clean, neat & fast. Thank you sir.

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